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SM IQ Designer/My Design Center Project - November

IQ Designer/My Design Center: Join Elaine each month to learn Tips and Techniques on using your BabyLock IQ Designer or Brother My Design Center program.  
With this feature, you can instantly digitize your hand-drawn, scanned or imported artwork. Edit your designs down to the stitch. Draw your own stippling and choose to quilt in or around designs. 
Learn different ways that you can use the IQ Designer / My Design Center to increase your creativity!

Project: Creating an Applique using the IQ Designer/My Design Center : Christmas Ornament

Supplies to bring to class:
Pencil & paper for taking notes

You're Machine if you wish to follow along and create and save the project.
You can also follow along as a lecture/demo (machines optional)
USB drive (varies per class)


"When I sew, I'm not just creating, I'm making special moments - and I want my love of sewing to sing in every piece. With the Destiny II, there are more ways than ever to make it happen. First, Destiny II includes a whole host of IQ Designer features, open and closed shapes, candlewicking and a chain stitch to lead me to even more creative places. I can compose, group and edit embroidery designs easily, and the faster processor means I can work more efficiently too. Plus, the introduction of decorative embroidery fills and the new 9 ¼" x 9 ¼" hoop opens up a world of exploration for quilters like me. I've found my new Destiny ... will you?"  Nancy Zieman TV host of Sewing with Nancy

Skill Level:
all owners welcome
Instructor Name:
Elaine Shaw
Instructor Bio:
Elaine Shaw

SM IQ Designer/My Design Center Project - November

$ 15.00